Self-Signup Instructions for MyChart

1. Go to your internet browser and type in

2. On the home page of MyChart, select the “SIGN UP NOW” button located under “New User?”

3. If you do not have an activation code, select the “Sign up online” button on the right side of your screen under “No Activation Code?”. If you do have an activation code, please enter it under “MyChart Activation Code”.

4. The Request an Activation Code screen is then displayed. Enter your name, address, and other information, then click submit.

5. Once the form is filled out and if the information matches your record, an email is sent to your MyChart email address that you signed up with. Go to your email, click on the link provided, agree to the terms and conditions, and then you will be let in. 

If additional help is needed, please call (910) 671-5006, (910) 734-3657, or (910) 671-9393.

COVID-19 Vaccine Sign-up

Individuals interested in scheduling an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine, which has shown to reduce the likelihood of serious illness and hospitalization, may schedule vaccination appointments by calling UNC Health Southeastern primary care clinics direct or scheduling through the call center at 1-844-735-8864.

For a complete clinic listing with hours and phone numbers, visit