Billing and Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Billing Questions

Why did I receive a bill from both the hospital and the doctor?

The separate bills are for professional services that the doctor performs. If you have questions regarding these bills, please contact the number on the statement that you received. Below is a list of services that you may receive a bill from.

  • (Chemo-physician fee) Duke Medicine, 800-782-6945
  • (Radiation-physician fee) SE Radiation Oncology, 910-609-6690
  • Woodhaven Nursing and Rehab, 910-671-5702
  • Med Care Ambulance-EMS Billing, 800-814-5339
  • Pathology-SE Pathology Associates, 910-738-1921
  • Payments MD (Apollo), 888-568-5443

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, payment arrangements are available for both short term and extended terms to pay your account balance. If you wish to set up a payment plan, please contact Patient Financial Services at 910-737-3183 Monday through Friday 8am-5pm.

How can I pay my bill?

There are several ways you can pay your bill.

  • You may pay by mail by sending a check made payable to UNC Health Southeastern after you receive your statement. Cut off the bottom portion of your statement and use the enclosed envelope to send with your check.
  • You may pay by phone with a credit/debit card by calling Patient Financial Services at 910-737-3183.
  • You may pay online using MyChart. To pay bills for services prior to July 23 visit: To pay bills for services on or after July 23, visit Your MyChart code will be listed on your statement.
  • You may also pay by visiting the Patient Financial Services office at 2600 N. Elm Street, Lumberton, NC 28358, Monday through Friday 8am-5pm.

Who can I contact if I have a question about my bill?

  • You may contact our Patient Financial Services office at 910-737-3183 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. They are located at 2600 N. Elm Street, Lumberton NC 28358.

How can I get a copy of my itemized bill?

You may contact our Patient Financial Services office at 910-737-3183 Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm to have a copy mailed to you. You may also visit the office at 2600 N. Elm Street, Lumberton NC 28358 to obtain a copy in person.

I do not have any insurance. Is there help available?

UNC Health Southeastern can assist you in various ways. We have financial counselors available who can assist you in applying for Medicaid. We also have a financial assistance program available that you can apply for, regardless if you have insurance or not. If you would like more information on our financial assistance program, please contact a financial counselor at 910-735-8485, or visit our Financial Assistance Program page.

How can I find out how much my visit will cost?

You may contact patient financial services at 910-737-3183 and ask to speak with a financial counselor at to receive an estimate of your potential services. An estimate may not represent your actual cost, as the actual cost will depend on the services you receive. As a result, your final bill may be less than or greater than the estimate provided.

Insurance Questions

How do I know if my health plan includes UNC Health Southeastern?

UNC Health Southeastern participates in most major health plans in North Carolina. However, you will need to review or consult with your plan to confirm coverage of services.

How do I know if my health plan requires a pre-authorization for a service?

Your benefit information packet should include this information. You may also call the customer service phone number listed on your insurance identification card to verify with a customer service representative.

How do I know if I have met my deductible?

You may call the customer service phone number listed on your insurance identification card to verify deductible information.

Contact Us

You can conveniently apply for UNC Health financial assistance through your existing My UNC Chart account or a new one you create. My UNC Chart is our secure, online patient portal where you can apply for financial assistance, submit your supporting documents, and more.

Apply by Fax or Mail
Submit your complete financial assistance application and supporting documents:
Mail to:
Attention Financial Assistance
500 Eastowne Drive 2nd Floor
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Secure fax: (984) 974-6454

Contact Financial Assistance
Speak with a Financial Navigator Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. For your privacy and security, you will need to provide your account number and other information before we can discuss your account.
(866) 704-5286 (toll-free)
(984) 974-3425