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For Friday, Sept. 30:
UNC Physician Network clinics, The Clinic at Walmart and UNC Health Same Day Clinic at Brisson Drugs, are closed.
UNC Health Southeastern Fitness Centers in Lumberton and Pembroke will close at 6 p.m.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

We have implemented a program to help patients with complaints of dizziness, balance problems and other symptoms associated with vestibular disorders including Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo (BPPV), Vestibulo-ocular reflex dysfunction, unilateral or bilateral vestibulopathy.

Our vestibular therapist is trained through the American Institute of Balance and will do individualized evaluation and treatment consisting of adaptation, habituation, and substitution and repositioning techniques as appropriate.

Dizzy, clumsy, wobbly, off balance, light-headed or spinning are all words a patient may use to get help from a doctor. Southeastern Regional Medical Center has a new program to help patients who are falling, off balance, struggle with walking or dizziness.

Did you know?

  • Falling one time increases your chance of falling a second time by 50% in 6-12 months?
  • Dizziness is the number one complaint to doctors over the age of 65?
  • 50% of all individuals over the age of 70 will have vertigo?
  • Dizziness is not something you have to put up with because "of your age"

Read what patients have to say about physical therapy!

"She worked with me every session, helping me with disorientation problems and weakness as I was having trouble cueing International Round Dancing at various places. After finishing the workshops, I can now make my turns and keep my balance!" James Sessoms - Lumberton

"With -in 24 hours my vertigo was gone. It truly works and it's a wonderful alternative to medication." Pearl Mattson - Lumberton

"I didn't believe in therapy at first, but came anyway because my doctor suggested it. I tell everyone now how much it helped and to give it a try!" Nancy Lancaster" - Lumberton

If you have tried several doctors and/or are tired of taking medication give physical therapy a try!

Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance will cover physical therapy services for vestibular rehabilitation.

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