Spine Care

Back pain is common, but so is successful treatment. Learn about your nonsurgical and surgical options at Southeastern Orthopedics. You’ll meet with experts such as Jordan Glaser, MD, who received specialized training from one of the nation’s best schools for orthopedic and spine doctors. Expect recommendations based on the latest research and advances in care for you.

Why See a Spine Specialist?

Treatment works best when you get it early, so see a doctor as soon as you experience any of these:

  • Injury or accident that hurts your back or neck
  • Shooting pain down your lower back or leg (sciatica)
  • Numb, weak, tingling, or painful arms or legs (signs of a pinched nerve or a herniated disc)
  • Trouble doing daily activities, sleeping, or moving around due to back or neck pain

Dr. Glaser or Joshua Freeman, DNP, will help you find the reason for your pain. Then, you’ll work together to make a care plan that fits your symptoms, goals, and lifestyle.

Nonsurgical Care for Back & Neck Pain

Usually, care starts with nonsurgical approaches. These require no downtime or only a short recovery, letting you keep up with work, school, or your daily routine.


Rehabilitation relieves aching muscles and helps you restart activities you may have stopped due to discomfort. Learn about spine therapy for back and neck pain at UNC Health Southeastern, where physical therapists specialize in your condition.


Injections deliver medicine to a certain part of your spine—such as a nerve root, facet joint, sacroiliac (SI) joint, or the epidural space. Your injection may include:

  • Anesthetic – Numbing medicine
  • Cortisone – Steroid that relieves pain

To make sure the medicine goes to exactly the right place, your doctor may use ultrasound guidance. This imaging technology helps make sure you get the most benefit from treatment.

Spine Surgery

If back or neck surgery is your best treatment option, you’ll achieve your best possible outcome thanks in part to advanced technology at UNC Health Southeastern. No matter what procedure you need, count on our spine surgeon to give you excellent care.

Spinal Fusion With 3D Navigation

Fusion surgery welds together two vertebrae (spine joints) to stop one of them from moving painfully. Depending on the part of your spine it treats, your procedure may be called:

  • Cervical (neck) fusion
  • Thoracic (mid-back) fusion
  • Lumbar (lower back) fusion

You’re likely to recover faster and have an even lower-than-usual risk of infection after fusion surgery that uses 3D computer navigation. This advanced technology helps a surgeon perform your procedure very precisely, through small incisions. That makes your treatment as effective as possible, and it reduces pain and scarring afterward.


Laminectomy removes part or all of the lamina, a bone in your spine, to relieve painful pressure on nerves. Your surgeon might recommend this procedure to treat a herniated (slipped) disc or spinal stenosis (narrowing).

Sometimes, surgeons perform spinal fusion right after laminectomy. Fusion helps strengthen and stabilize the part of the spine where the lamina used to be.

Recovery & Follow-Up Care

We’ll take good care of you as you recover at Southeastern Regional Medical Center after spine surgery. Your stay will be more comfortable thanks to our many services and amenities for patients and visitors.

In the weeks and months after surgery:

  • Take part in rehabilitation to rebuild strength and relieve any pain

Attend follow-up appointments with your surgeon to ask questions, make sure your incision heals well, and learn when you can fully return to your daily activities

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