Your bones, joints, and muscles keep you active so you can stay healthy. Take care of them with services from Southeastern Orthopedics, part of UNC Health Southeastern. You’ll be in the skilled hands of orthopedic specialists who live and work in your community and treat you like a friend. With our advanced technology and new approaches to care, you can count on us for services to keep you moving.

Testing & Diagnosis

Your care begins with a diagnosis of your injury or condition. To find the reason for your symptoms, a health care professional may:

  • Perform a physical exam, watch how you do certain tasks, and check what movements cause pain
  • Order imaging tests to look for problems in your bones, joints, or muscles

Your doctor will explain the results to you and recommend next steps, including any treatments.

Treatments & Therapies

Expect the best possible outcome from doctors who specialize in the type of service you need, such as:

  • Sports medicine – Care for athletic injuries and help to exercise safely and compete at the top of your game
  • Spine care – Back and neck therapy, pain-relieving injections, and spine surgery using 3D navigation to improve your outcome
  • Joint replacement – Exchange of a worn-out hip, knee, or shoulder with a long-lasting artificial implant that feels natural
  • Trauma care – Repair of fractures (broken bones) with casts, splints, and sometimes surgery


After an injury or surgery, rebuild your strength and ease pain with rehabilitation. With our wide range of services, you’ll find a program tailored to your needs and preferences. Work with your therapist to design a care plan that meets your goals and helps you return to your favorite activities.

Call Us

Call 910-738-1065 to request an appointment with Southeastern Orthopedics or ask our friendly staff a question about your care.

Your Patient Portal

Manage your care online anywhere, any time. Use MyChart on your smartphone or computer to:

  • Ask your doctor a question
  • Check test results
  • Schedule appointments
  • Request prescription refills

Need help to sign up? Visit www.sehmychart.org or call (910) 671-5006, (910) 734-3657 or (910) 671-9393.

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