Bereavement Services

Bereavement Visit

Cross and Dove

After the death of a Southeastern Hospice patient, our bereavement coordinator makes a home visit to deliver a wide variety of paper products (paper plates, napkins, plastic cutlery, toilet tissue, etc.) to assist the family with the many visitors that normally come to the home after a death. We provide bereavement care up to 13 months post death if elected by family.

Memorial Service

To remember is to mourn the loss of human promise and earthly expectation. To reflect is to use the wonderful tool of memory in the search for meaning in life lived, the one true path to healing the soul that has been broken by life’s losses. The Southeastern Hospice Memorial Service is an annual event inviting reflection and celebration of the lives of hospice patients who have gone on before us while in our care. We know the losses experienced have been painful and challenging to families, caregivers and friends. For that, we continue to express our sympathy and compassion. We further seek to extend a sincere “Thank You” for allowing Southeastern Hospice to give dedicated and compassionate end of life care. The memorial service is a special time of symbolic remembrance through a candle lighting ritual, inspirational presentations of word and music, and a time of fellowship with hospice workers and other family members who have shared your experience with understanding.

Adult Grief Support Groups

heart of grief

Southeastern Hospice offers an Adult Bereavement Support Group as an emotionally safe environment to gain and give support with others who are experiencing loss and grief. It is our belief that grief support groups offer a quality healing opportunity following the loss of someone you love. Through grief education and mutual support, some portion of pain and suffering is lifted from those who participate. Groups are generally offered twice a year, usually during the months of February and September. For more information or if you would like to participate in a group, please contact Rev. Bonnie Reedy at 910-735-8887.

(For more information, please contact Rev. Bonnie Reedy at (910)735 8887.)

Camp Care

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Camp Care is a fun and educational weekend for young people ages 8 to 16 that have experienced the death of a loved one. It provides a wonderful time for grieving children and youth to come together with others experiencing the same emotions and trauma for grief education and bereavement care. At Camp Care, children learn, in a safe and caring environment, that their feelings are a normal and an important part of the healing process following the death of someone they love. Southeastern Hospice staff members and specially trained volunteers supervise the annual camp. Our goal as a counseling staff is to provide a positive and emotionally safe atmosphere for the children as they explore and find expression for the grief they are experiencing.

The adult to camper ratio is usually about equal, allowing for plenty of supervision as well as one-on-one counseling. Friday night’s activities include dinner before a fun and exciting round of getting-acquainted games and activities. Even built into the entertaining pastimes are lessons about working together as a team and overcoming the odds towards success.

Saturday holds a full day of group sessions, crafts, canoeing, and of course, eating!!!! Each gathering is designed to equip the grieving child with the emotional tools needed at such a difficult time in their young lives. Campers also expand their support group with every new friend made. These friendships and their invaluable benefits will last a lifetime.

At Saturday night’s Memorial Service, which is named and modeled after the book, “Tear Soup,” each camper lit a candle in memory of their loved one(s) as they are encouraged to reflect upon their own growth and change as a result of their grief experience. This is a very emotional time for all. For you see, not only do campers grapple with the pain of grief while it is still fresh in their lives, many of us volunteers have scars of our own from years past that need tending. We all gain from the Camp Care experience.

Sunday morning’s butterfly service is the highlight of the weekend. As the traditional symbol of new life, each camper is given a live butterfly to release watching them fly from finger to tree and beyond— gaining power as they exercise their wings. This allows for consolation in the “letting go” of what used to be and the new-found strength in the “taking hold” of new opportunities, new experiences, new maturity.

We, as counselors and volunteers, are always touched by what wounded and tender souls God entrusts to us for this weekend. Through loving and caring eyes, one could observe that their emotions are akin to “silent waters stirring just beneath.” It is our joy and privilege to try to “keep the currents flowing.”

Camp Care is not limited to the families served by Southeastern Hospice who sponsors this healing experience. Children from ages 8 -16 who are grieving over the death of a significant person in their life are eligible to attend. Many are referred by clergy, school guidance personnel and social service organizations.

We truly appreciate the many donations received for Camp Care and would like to share some of the avenues our community can assist in this meaningful endeavor. Perhaps your church or civic group would like to contribute funds or snack foods or “goodie bag” contents or even host the Friday night dinner.

(Please feel free to contact our Camp Care Director, Rev. Dean Carter, at 671-5031 for more information and opportunities.)

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