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Published on March 25, 2020

SeHealth issues further clarification for closing of COVID-19 screening site

SRMC Building

On Tuesday, March 24, SeHealth announced it would be closing its drive-thru screening site for COVID-19. While many people feel that wide-spread testing is still necessary, the health system follows guidance from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) as well as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). On Monday, NCDHHS issued revised guidelines for testing, advising clinicians and health systems that “people with mild symptoms consistent with COVID-19 do NOT need testing and should be instructed to stay at home to recover.” The memo went on to say that this strategy is consistent with guidance from the CDC.

Guidance from organizations such as NCDHHS and the CDC help to ensure that all health care entities are consistent in their treatment and testing protocols. The Robeson County Health Department’s announcement of a second case in Robeson County on Tuesday also cited these same testing guidelines, providing further evidence that we are all following standard protocols related to health of our community.

Further reasons cited by NCDHHS for ending testing for those with mild symptoms included potential of spreading of the virus at testing sites, preservation of personal protective equipment resources, testing results would have no impact on treatment for mild cases, and only those with the most severe cases should be tested in order to further guide treatment decisions.

As SeHealth Medical Staff President Dr. Robin Peace stated in a video that was issued last week, we should all act as though everyone has the virus in order to reduce the spread: wash our hands, practice social distancing and remain at home as much as possible. To watch the video, visit